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Housing stabilization is a new service that is aimed at assisting with mental health conditions, physical health conditions and developmental or learning disabilities facilitate housing search, secure housing, interact with landlords and neighbors, and understand and follow a lease. The right supports, provided by a professional with knowledge and experience in housing, can help resolve barriers people face in finding and keeping housing. Housing Stabilization addresses the following:

 ·         Support an individual's transition into housing,

 ·         Increase long-term stability in housing in the community, and

 ·         Avoid future periods of homelessness or institutionalization.

 Housing Stabilization Services include two main services:

 Housing Transition Service

  • Helps people plan for, find and move to into housing including by:
  • Developing an individualized housing plan
  • Identifying and assisting in resolving barriers to accessing housing
  • ·         Supporting the person in applying for benefits to afford their housing
  • ·         Contacting prospective housing options for availability and information
  • ·         Supporting the person with tenant screening and housing assessment
  • ·         Helping to understand and negotiate a leas
  • ·         Identifying resources to cover moving expense
  • ·         Ensuring the new living arrangement is safe and ready for move-in

 Housing Sustaining Service

 Supports a person to maintain housing through:

  •  Prevention and early identification of behaviors that may jeopardize continued housing
  • ·         Assistance with the housing recertification processes
  • ·         Training on being a good tenant, lease compliance, and household management
  • ·         Supporting the person to understand and maintain income and benefits to retain housing
  • ·         Supporting the building of natural housing supports and resources in the community
  • ·         Housing sustaining services do not cover room and board

 Housing Consultation

 Provides a person-centered plan for those recipients not receiving case management. The housing consultant monitors and updates the plan annually or more frequently if the person requests a plan change, experiences a change in circumstance or wants to change housing stabilization provider.


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